Meal Plan

Butterflied Leg of Lamb + Orange Kumara Salad + Green Salad – gluten free

Lemon Fish + Fries + Green Salad – gluten free

The recipe for the lemon fish is here.

Mushroom + Lentil Burgers w/ Cashew Aioli + Salad – gluten free, vegan

The recipe for the burgers and cashew aioli is here.

Tacos w/ Coriander, Lime + Avocado Dressing – gluten free, vegan

Salmon + Roast Vegetable + Lentil Salad – gluten free

This will be something like this recipe here.

Steak w/ Bean Mash + Greenery – gluten free

The recipe for the bean mash is here.



Meal Plan

Pie Night – gluten free, vegetarian

We had a birthday dinner for my cousin last week so I wasn’t able to make this meal when I had planned, but I am going to make it tonight! There will be a beef pie and a mushroom, thyme, lentil and kale pie.

Ratatouille + Steak – gluten free

repeat from last week.

Eggplant Involtini – gluten free, vegan

Click over to this fabulous recipe that includes soft strips of eggplant wrapped around a big dollop of cashew cheese, all topped with a rich tomato, mushroom and lentil sauce.

Slow-cooked Lemon Zucchini + Chicken – gluten free

Click here for the recipe.

Carrot + Black Bean + Coriander Soup – gluten free, vegan

This recipe is from Nigel Slater’s ‘Eat’ – a brilliant “little book of fast food”. I’ll be having some homemade rye bread with this soup; I am trying out this recipe from Petite Kitchen.


Meal Plan

Modified Eggplant Involtini – vegan, gluten free

Eggplants are still on special at the fruit and vege shop – that means we are having this meal again. Yay!

Eye Fillet Steak + Salad + Kumara Slices – gluten free

Chicken Breast + Slow-cooked Lemon Zucchini – gluten free

The zucchini recipe is from ‘The Petite Kitchen Cookbook’ and one I have been wanting to try as courgettes are not in season. Well I didn’t think they were but we picked some up yesterday from a farmers market, so they must be.

Smoked Salmon – gluten free

Not sure how I’ll serve the smoked salmon this week. I really liked it with the roast vegetable and lentil salad but something different would be good too.


Meal Plan

Fish w/ Lemon + Brown Butter Sauce + Mash + Broccoli – gluten free

The recipe for the fish and sauce is from ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’, by Rachel Khoo, while I have made the mash many times before.

Pulled Beef Shin Tacos w/ Spiced Almond Sauce – gluten free

The beef is leftovers from last night, with the meat pulled apart. While the spiced almond sauce is from some tacos I made a few weeks ago.

Smoked Salmon w/ Puy Lentil Salad – gluten free

This time I will try to cook my own lentils. Even though they only take 20 minutes to cook opening a can is so much quicker, but we have a few packets of dried lentils in the cupboard that I should use. Anyway, I’ll be using the lentil and roast vege salad as a guide.

Lamb Rack w/ Mash + Broccoli + Red Wine Sauce – gluten free

I have never cooked a lamb rack, and they looked so pretty in the butcher’s the other day that I couldn’t resist putting it on the menu this week. 

Modified Eggplant Involtini – gluten free, vegan

Looking back at past posts, I think this recipe and the smoked fish cakes are the meals I have made week after week. And now that we know the eggplant involtini is improved with mushrooms and lentils this will be the only way I make it now. 

Steak + Almond Chips + Salad – gluten free

Also in ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’ I spotted a recipe for steak and chips, but before putting the chips in the oven to cook Rachel tosses ground almonds through them to make them crunchy. Looking forward to trying a new variation of the steak dinner.

Beef Brisket Something – gluten free

Yet to be determined, but we have used in tacos previously but may do a pie… Will see what we feel like on the day. 

Modified Eggplant Involtini

Recipes, Savoury

Modified Eggplant Involtini


I have made Eggplant Involtini a few times (click here for the post). The last time I made it Dad recommended the addition of mushrooms and lentils. It turns out that it is even better than the original!

Chop the mushrooms finely, then cook in a frypan. Once soft, add the mushrooms and lentils to the tomato sauce while it is simmering. Otherwise the rest of the recipe remains the same.

Modified Eggplant Involtini


Meal Plan

Today was an extra good day! Actually, the whole weekend was great. But today Dad, my sister and I went out on the boat. While motoring around we spotted a lot of busy gannets diving into the water.  My sister and I each caught a kahawai (I will admit that Zoe’s success rate of getting the fish safely into the boat was far better than mine. But then she did only catch one). Anyway, the important thing about all of this… SMOKED FISH!

Smoked Fish + Chips + Salad – gluten free

(Modified) Eggplant Involtini – gluten free, vegan

As you may know, I have made Petite Kitchen’s eggplant involtini numerous times. Last week I made it and Dad reckoned I should add mushrooms and lentils. So, like any good daughter, I am doing as he says.

Sweet + Sour Fish – gluten free

We haven’t smoked half a fish so I can make sweet and sour fish. Will have to find a recipe for it but I am sure I can find one in a recipe book.

Lamb Pie – gluten free

I was having a flick through one of the Taste magazines this morning and came across this recipe. It has a lamb filling with a Moroccan flavour and a kumara mash top. I will make the filling the night before so I just have to make the mash and cook it when I get home from work.

Smoked Fish Cakes – gluten free

We saved half a smoked kahawai so I can make the smoked fish cakes. Again.

Tomato + White Bean Stew – vegan, gluten free

I came across the recipe for Annabel Langbein’s Harvest Tomato Sauce while working in a kitchen for one of my nutrition papers. It was one of our favourite meals at uni and we enjoy it at home. As tomatoes are best during the summer I buy a few kilos from a local roadside stall and roast a few batches to freeze. To bulk the soup out I will add a can or two of rinsed white beans for a quick and easy dinner, perfect for Friday.


Mushroom + Lentil Burgers II


Mushroom + Lentil Burgers w/ Salad + Aioli


These burger patties are so good! Even if you are hesitant give this recipe a chance and make them. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

I follow the recipe from Petite Kitchen for the patties, and I made the cashew cream aioli when I made them last time but this time I used the aioli I made a few days ago. Serve with a salad whichever way you like.

Eggplant Involtini

Recipes, Savoury

There are three parts to this recipe – the tomato sauce, baked eggplant slices and cashew cheese.

First up, start to caramelise an onion to mix through the cashew cheese. To do this chop up an onion and add to a pan with a little olive oil. Once softened add some honey or maple syrup and a little water. Then cook until all golden and caramelised. Leave to cool.

While the onion is cooking, empty 2 or 3 cans of tomatoes (can all be chopped tomatoes or use one can of tomato puree in too), a few cloves of finely chopped garlic and a few handfuls of finely chopped fresh herbs. Heat over a medium, or medium-high if you are impatient like me, and simmer away until lovely and thick. Feel free to add some other things to the sauce, such as wine or preserved lemons.

While you are keeping an eye on the onions and tomato sauce, slice up an eggplant lengthways about 1cm thick. Brush olive oil on both sides, line up on a tray, sprinkle with salt and pepper and bake in the oven at about 180°C, for 20 minutes or until soft.

The last thing to get ready is the cashew cheese. You need to soak 1 cup of raw cashews either overnight or for the day. Check out My New Roots for instructions on the why and how to soak correctly. Before you use the cashews rinse and drain. Then pop them into a food processor with the juice of 1/2 to 1 lemon and a garlic clove or two. Once this is all whizzed up mix through the caramelised onions. Now here is where we diverge from what I did. Dad reckons I should mix through some cubed, cooked mushrooms and lentils. I am not sure how this will all fit in the eggplant slices though… Could work well in layers, maybe with sliced mushrooms.

Anyway, once all the parts are ready, get out a baking dish. Divide the cashew cheese between the eggplant slices. Roll up the eggplant and pop into the dish. By the time you have rolled all your eggplant there is likely to be a lot of cashew cheese left on the tray, so just pop that in the holes between the eggplant rolls. Cover with the tomato sauce and bake for 20-30 minutes. While this is cooking, boil up some broccoli or get your sides ready.

PS. Sorry for lack of photo, having trouble uploading. Once I have worked out what is happening I will add the picture.


Meal Plan

beef tagine – gluten free

A few years ago, back when I was fussy, this was the only stew I liked probably due to the sweet dates and honey added in at the end. But if anyone called it ‘stew’ I wouldn’t eat it. So ‘tagine’ it is. 

This is a good meal to cook up a large amount and then freeze the leftovers for another night. Which I will be doing as by Friday night I tend to get a bit lazy and make a meal that requires minimal effort. Or like last week everyone had to sort it out themselves and fight over the leftovers.

I like to serve this with mash (cannellini bean mash for me) or brown rice and some vegetables, usually broccoli.

eggplant involtini – vegan, gluten free

This recipe is from ‘The Petite Kitchen Cookbook’ and I mentioned this recipe a few weeks ago when I made her lentil and mushroom burgers, as the two recipes use cashew cheese. I finally get to make it again!

The slices of cooked eggplant are rolled around a dollop of cashew cheese placed in a tray and then topped with a rich tomato sauce and baked. Delicious. 

kumara + parsnip fritters + steak + mushrooms

The fritters are a variation of the root vegetable fritters I made the other week. Actually, this whole meal is a variation of the steak and veges we have at least once a week.  

lentil + mushroom burger – vegan, gluten free

As I mentioned, I have already made these and they were delicious. So we are having them again, may make them into proper burgers or keep it light with just a salad. We will see. 

smoked fish cake – gluten free

Another recipe I have already made and too delicious not to repeat. 

beef tagine leftovers – gluten free