About Sunday’s Musings

Baking. I love to bake! It has been a hobby for as long as I can remember. My favourite was a classic chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream. And I had that cake down to perfection. But if I’m being honest anything with chocolate appealed to me. I would see it, want to bake it and then of course eat it. At the same time as being a cake monster I was also a terribly fussy eater, with a bit of stubbornness and a martyr to my cause. The list of foods I wouldn’t eat was long. In the last few years I have done a complete 180, thank goodness. Maybe it was moving away from home, or studying and understanding food (see I do love food), but whatever reasons made me change my eating habits I am grateful. Nowadays, the list of foods I don’t eat is minimal.

As I have become more clued up about food and am not fussy the quality of my diet has changed. I finished my nutrition degree last year. From here I realised that although I looked healthy on the outside, two servings of chocolate cake a day was not. My diet has slowly evolved and is a continuous progression. Taking inspiration from blogs and combined with my nutrition studies, I believe in quality whole foods, and making as much as I can from scratch so I know what goes into my food. This does take preparation and forward thinking – both of which take time, but the end result nutritionally and taste wise makes it all worth it for me. I also have family members and friends who have dietary restrictions. I told you I love to bake. I love to eat what I bake and so I want them to be able to enjoy these things too. So I have to experiment and tweak a few things to make some recipes work for me.

The last few Sundays I have found myself sitting at the dining room table surrounded by books with a list of things I want to make on a piece of scrap paper in front of me. All the books have little pieces of ripped paper acting as bookmarks for my chosen recipes. This is followed by me having to reduce the list to be more realistic (by both time to prepare and ingredients) and then sorting out the shopping list. In case you haven’t realised I am a food geek. Food is a priority in my life. I am one of those people who goes to the library and gets a stack of recipe books out and then happily spends the afternoon flicking through the pages, noting the recipes I want to try out. But I do get that this is not everyone’s idea of a fun afternoon. And spending an hour (or two) sorting out what to cook for dinner the following week is not number one on the To-Do List. Hence, Sunday’s Musings is where I will post my meal plan for the upcoming week to reduce the hassle and inspire you.



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