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Fabric Paint on Calico

Christmas Tree – Fabric Paint on Calico

I realise we are well past Christmas but I want to share with you the Christmas presents I made. I love roaming the internet for new ideas of things to make so hopefully this inspires you.

There is a leather theme to my presents as we have a new sewing machine at home that makes sewing leather a breeze. For my sister I made her a beautiful green leather manicure roll-up and a rectangle purse with bronze notions.

Leather Manicure Roll-Up and Purse

I then perfected my roll-up pattern when I made a black leather roll-up with silver notions for Dad’s iPad accessories. It fits the plug, cable and the SD and USB plugs.

Leather iPad Accessories Roll-Up

Ages ago I found the tutorial for a leather lunch bag and thought this would be perfect for my Uncle. The only rule being no pies are allowed in it.

Leather Lunch Bag

To fit the pattern onto my piece of leather I did have to cut the main part of the lunch bag in three parts, but it still holds its shape.

All leather and notions are from Lapco.

For my Grananne and Aunties I made linen azuma bags that I filled with various goodies.

Linen Azuma Bag

And lastly I made my cousin the comfiest pair of pants. I first made this pattern last year with some merino knit and they are my favourite at home pants. I say at home pants because, well, it looks like you are wearing a nappy which is not my usual style. I think I have convinced one person of how amazing they are though.

Merino 'Nappy' Pants

The pattern is by Lela Jacobs and is featured in ‘Home Sewn’ by New Zealand Fashion Museum; a brilliant book containing patterns from New Zealand fashion designers. This time around I added cuffs on the bottom of each leg using the same width as the waistband. I need to make myself a pair with the cuffs as it hangs much better when using merino knit.


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