Meal Plan

Smoked Salmon + Lentil + Asparagus Salad – gluten free

Ratatouille + Steak – gluten free

I am using Rachel Khoo’s recipe for the ratatouille, from ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’. I like the way she cuts her vegetables with a mandolin to make a ribbon ratatouille.

Quinoa Chapatis + Spinach Dal + Sweet Potato Curry – gluten free, vegetarian

All of these recipes come from a recipe book called ‘The Tastes of Ayurveda’, by Amrita Sondhi, and it is a very interesting read!

Lentil + Nut Loaf + Chutney + Salad

The recipe for the lentil and nut loaf is from Jenny Chandler’s ‘Pulse’ cookbook, another favourite at the moment.

Pie + Salad – gluten free, vegetarian

Well, one of the pies is vegetarian. I will be making a red wine, rosemary and beef pie for Dad, and a mushroom, lentil, kale and thyme pie for myself; both with a buckwheat crust.

Smoked Fish Cakes – gluten free

Again. You can find the recipe here.

Steak + Root Vegetable Almond Fries + Salad – gluten free

The fries are another recipe from Rachel Khoo’s ‘The Little Paris Kitchen’.


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