Meal Plan

Today was an extra good day! Actually, the whole weekend was great. But today Dad, my sister and I went out on the boat. While motoring around we spotted a lot of busy gannets diving into the water.  My sister and I each caught a kahawai (I will admit that Zoe’s success rate of getting the fish safely into the boat was far better than mine. But then she did only catch one). Anyway, the important thing about all of this… SMOKED FISH!

Smoked Fish + Chips + Salad – gluten free

(Modified) Eggplant Involtini – gluten free, vegan

As you may know, I have made Petite Kitchen’s eggplant involtini numerous times. Last week I made it and Dad reckoned I should add mushrooms and lentils. So, like any good daughter, I am doing as he says.

Sweet + Sour Fish – gluten free

We haven’t smoked half a fish so I can make sweet and sour fish. Will have to find a recipe for it but I am sure I can find one in a recipe book.

Lamb Pie – gluten free

I was having a flick through one of the Taste magazines this morning and came across this recipe. It has a lamb filling with a Moroccan flavour and a kumara mash top. I will make the filling the night before so I just have to make the mash and cook it when I get home from work.

Smoked Fish Cakes – gluten free

We saved half a smoked kahawai so I can make the smoked fish cakes. Again.

Tomato + White Bean Stew – vegan, gluten free

I came across the recipe for Annabel Langbein’s Harvest Tomato Sauce while working in a kitchen for one of my nutrition papers. It was one of our favourite meals at uni and we enjoy it at home. As tomatoes are best during the summer I buy a few kilos from a local roadside stall and roast a few batches to freeze. To bulk the soup out I will add a can or two of rinsed white beans for a quick and easy dinner, perfect for Friday.



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