Meal Plan

beef tagine – gluten free

A few years ago, back when I was fussy, this was the only stew I liked probably due to the sweet dates and honey added in at the end. But if anyone called it ‘stew’ I wouldn’t eat it. So ‘tagine’ it is. 

This is a good meal to cook up a large amount and then freeze the leftovers for another night. Which I will be doing as by Friday night I tend to get a bit lazy and make a meal that requires minimal effort. Or like last week everyone had to sort it out themselves and fight over the leftovers.

I like to serve this with mash (cannellini bean mash for me) or brown rice and some vegetables, usually broccoli.

eggplant involtini – vegan, gluten free

This recipe is from ‘The Petite Kitchen Cookbook’ and I mentioned this recipe a few weeks ago when I made her lentil and mushroom burgers, as the two recipes use cashew cheese. I finally get to make it again!

The slices of cooked eggplant are rolled around a dollop of cashew cheese placed in a tray and then topped with a rich tomato sauce and baked. Delicious. 

kumara + parsnip fritters + steak + mushrooms

The fritters are a variation of the root vegetable fritters I made the other week. Actually, this whole meal is a variation of the steak and veges we have at least once a week.  

lentil + mushroom burger – vegan, gluten free

As I mentioned, I have already made these and they were delicious. So we are having them again, may make them into proper burgers or keep it light with just a salad. We will see. 

smoked fish cake – gluten free

Another recipe I have already made and too delicious not to repeat. 

beef tagine leftovers – gluten free


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