Lentil + Roast Vege Salad


Lentil and Root Vege SaladI haven’t quite followed my meal plan this week. I decided to make the lentil salad for dinner to the leftover meat from the beef wellington a few nights back. The original recipe is by Nadia Lim, but it is one of those recipes that after you have made it once you can use the recipe as a guide and put your own spin on it.

This time I roasted up some parsnip, carrot, kumara, beetroot and onion in olive oil, salt and pepper. While this was cooking I drained two cans of lentils then put that in a big salad bowl with the juice of a lemon and some ground black pepper. I then washed some spinach and put that in there too. Then I shredded the leftover beef and popped that in. Once the roast veges are cooked chuck them into the salad bowl, drizzle over some olive oil and mix through. Nadia Lim recommends goat cheese, but we don’t buy that so I put out feta to mix through. Sprinkle on some chopped nuts or seeds.

You can roast up whatever veges you like/have in the house, and same goes with the spinach – you could mix through rocket or lettuce instead. As for the meat, it works without but why not chuck in some leftover meat and empty out the fridge.

I also mixed through a few dates for sweetness and to go with the za’atar I sprinkled over mine. Enjoy for lunch and dinner.


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