Fish Tacos


Fish tacos

As I mentioned last week when I made Venetian Fish, my Dad LOVES egg and bread crumbed fish, especially with salad. So that is what he got. Sort of. I couldn’t be bothered to do a separate coating for the fish for both the gluten and gluten free options, so I used the wholegrain oats whizzed into a flour trick again. I reckon it tastes pretty similar, and there was no comment from Dad to say otherwise.

As for the rest of the dinner, I made up a plate of ‘build-your-own’ salad so everyone got the combinations they wanted – grated beetroot, carrot and cheese, and cut up tomato, lettuce and red onion. Then I mushed together half an avocado, a good squeeze of lemon juice, half a tomato cut up, a quarter of an onion cut finely and some salt and pepper for the tacos, along with leftover almond sauce and cashew aioli. And while the fish was cooking I cooked up a couple of tacos for Mum and I. Job done.


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