Meal Plan

fish tacos – gluten free

A quick and tasty dinner that works for everyone in the family – Mum and I have the tacos, while Dad prefers the fish, salad and a baked potato. Easy.

Ingredients from the cupboard – garlic, red onion

To add to the Shopping List – white fish fillets, lime, avocado, green salad things, corn tortilla


I am tossing up between doing last weeks mushroom and lentil burgers (properly this time, as we have lentils in the cupboard again), or a kumara and quinoa version…? Either way, served with an array of salad options to stack it tall!

root vege fritters + steak + salad – gluten free

A few weeks ago I started making these fritters, and found it was a brilliant way to use up veges in the bottom of the fridge. In the past I have done a combination of kumara, parsnip, carrot, beetroot, jerusalem artichokes and fresh turmeric. This time I will note the quantities of everything I am using and turn it into a recipe.

Ingredients from the cupboard – eggs, buckwheat flour, root vegetables, olive oil

Ingredients to add to the shopping list – steak, salad things

Moroccan lentil stew + quinoa – gluten free, vegan

I have made this recipe from Kenko Kitchen a few times, substituting the vegetables for whatever I have in the kitchen or garden. Works well every time, and makes enough for lunch the next day too – always a bonus.

Ingredients from the cupboard – onion, kumara, pumpkin, buckwheat flour, 2 cans of lentils, raisins, quinoa

Ingredients to add to the shopping list – kale

steak + mash + veges – gluten free

I am going to introduce you to one of my favourites – cannellini bean mash! So delicious and easy, and a good alternative to mashed potato. It will quickly become a go-to for you too.

Ingredients from the cupboard – vegetables in the fridge or garden, onion, garlic

Ingredients to add to the shopping list – steak, 2x cans of cannellini beans, thyme

shakshuka – gluten free

The other week I made Mum and I Shakshuka, using the recipe from ‘Jerusalem’, which we both enjoyed but thought we could alter it a little. So that is the aim for Friday!

Ingredients from the cupboard – eggs, onions, garlic, olive oil, spices

ingredients to add to the shopping list – canned tomatoes, canned lentils, capsicum

roast vege + puy lentil salad + lamb steaks – gluten free

Nadia Lim’s ‘Good Food Cook Book’ has some delicious recipes, and the puy lentil salad is a favourite in our house. We have found that the flavours work really well with lamb.

Ingredients from the cupboard – honey, olive oil, puy lentils, dates

Ingredients to add to the shopping list – feta, carrots, parsnips, other root vegetables, lemon, lamb, (or tinned lentils)


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